Release 1.1.2621

The configuration file mroovka.formica_cfg contains global application information.

The overall syntax of the configuration file is:

configuration::connection [menu_type] [globals] [contextVariables] [reports] [jasper] [locales] [java] [scripts]

The connection syntax is

connection: server database url urlString user userString password passwordString
server database url 'jdbc:oracle:thin:@//sunik:1521/xe' user 'MROOVKA_DEMO' password 'mroovka'

The system determines, what connector (JDBC driver and other classes) to choose basing on the url leading part (jdbc:oracle in this case)).

The optional "menu_type" part allows to specify menu type. If omitted system uses vertical menu.

menu_type::menu_type (horizontal | vertical) ;
menu_type horizontal;

The optional "globals" part is used to declare global variables

globals::globals declarations
globals today date;

To address a global variable in MT the global name has to be prefixed with the :global.string.'Poszewiecki';

The optional "contextVariables" part is used to declare server context variables.

contextVariables::context (contextVariable)* contextVariable::identifier contextDataType; contextDataType::text | oidn | etext
context FIRMA oidn; MONTH text;

The optional "reports part" is used to declare BIRT reports used by the application

reports::reports (report_declaration ;)* report_declaration:: identifier [ ( report_parameter_declaration [(, report_parameter_declaration)*] ) ] report_parameter_declaration::identifier contextDatatype
reports ml_result(p_company oidn, p_month text, p_month_end text);

The optional "jasper" part is used to declare Jasper reports used by the application

jasper::jasper (jasper_declaration ;)* jasper_declaration:: identifier [ ( jasper_parameter_declaration [(, jasper_parameter_declaration)*] ) ] jasper_parameter_declaration::identifier dataTypeName
jasper ml_result(p_company oidn, p_month text, p_month_end text);

The optional locales part serve for the internationalization purpose. Currently the CloudaIDE is available in English, Indonesian and Polish languages.

The locales determine the language and the country. The first locale in the locales string is the default locale, that is used if no other choice was available according to browser locale. If any of the locales contains a right to left language then the application is bidirectionally enabled, and displays in rtl locales in rtl (mirrored) fasion. Also default text alignment depends on the contents of the current cell.

locales::locales localesString
locales 'in_ID,pl_PL,en_US'

The optional "java" part is used to declare procedures to access to server side static java methods.

java::java (java_declaration ;)* java_declaration:: identifier [ ( java_parameter_declaration [(, java_parameter_declaration)*] ) class classNameString method methodNameString java_parameter_declaration:: identifier [in out] dataTypeName
java registration_email(name text, user text, email text) class 'org.cloudaide.cru.server.Procedures' method 'registrationEmail'; verification(user text, code text) class 'org.cloudaide.cru.server.Procedures' method 'verification';

The optional "scripts" part is used to declare additional JavaScript URLs.

scripts::scripts (script_url ;)*
scripts '//'; '//'; '//'; 'mroovka/sevenSeg.js';